Placer Hills Youth Soccer Club
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 ***Coaches please encourage your Assistant Coaches to get their Livescans completed ASAP.  Assistant Coaches are not allowed on the field until they have completed their livescans!

Air Quality guidelines. Coaches are to apply the higher reading, PMI or Ozone to the guidelines below to determine if practice or matches may be conducted.  

You Can Smell Smoke 

  • No outdoor practice
  • No indoor practice in a facility with open doors or windows

Ozone or Particulate Matter 201+

  • No outdoor practice all age groups
  • No indoor practice in a facility with open doors or windows

Ozone or Particulate Matter 151 – 200 

  • U12 or younger , No outdoor practices or indoor practices in a facility with open doors or windows
  • U14 and older 
    • ·Restricted outdoor practice allowed
    • ·Walking practice – no running
    • ·Recommend reduced practice time for younger players
    • No 1v1 or small sided games
    • ·Players are not to exercise to the point of heavy breathing

Ozone or Particulate Matter 101 - 150

  • ·Restricted outdoor practice allowed
  • ·Light running OK
  • ·Increase recovery time between exercises and repetitions
  • ·Players are not to exercise to the point of heavy breathing for extended periods of time

Ozone or Particulate Matter 0 - 100

No practice restrictions 

New 2018 Heat Index Practice Rules:

Over 100
, NO PRACTICES and HYDRATE like your life depends on it
90-99, Coaches Discretion and remember to hydrate hydrate hydrate. . . 
Less than 90, Game-on, but remember to still hydrate hydrate hydrate. . . 

League Rules state that in addition to the coach, there must be another adult present at all team practices

In general, the more assistance you have, the easier and more enjoyable the season will be.  Typically a team has the following:

Assistant Coach

  • Help with practice drills and during games.

Team Parent

  • Organizes snacks – determines snack rotation and provides reminders.
  • Organizes the end-of-season party, including collecting money for and purchasing participation awards.


  1. Please be prompt arriving and departing, as the fields are full
  2. Player Yellow Forms must be with you at practice for emergency information.
  3. Equipment
    • Every player must have shin-guards to practice.
    • Especially when the weather is warm/hot players should bring water bottles.
    • Coaches should have some cones and an extra ball or two.

    Here is a recommended web site for coaching drills (


The following 4 items are required for a game:

  1. Sportsmanship
    • This is recreational soccer.  There are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places.  Always be encouraging, and do not confront the referees or other coaches.
    • The coach is responsible for the behavior of his team's spectators and as specified by the rules, can be penalized for their behavior.
  2. Game Card
    • The home team coach is responsible for providing the game card.
    • Bring it with your team information filled in and give it to the visiting team as soon as possible.
  3. Player Cards
    • Every player must have a Player Card to participate in the game.
    • They are given to the referee at the beginning of the game – don't forget to get them back at the end of the game.
  4. Game Ball
    • Home team provides the Game Ball – don't forget to get it back at the end of the game.


● Rain is a concern because of potential damage to the fields when they are soaked.

● When there is a question regarding the use of a field, call the Field Coordinator

● When a game is rained out, the Home Team coach is responsible for calling the visiting

Team Coach – remember you will both have players to call in a timely manner.

For rainout info about the Auburn Recreation District soccer fields:

Please call the ARD Rainout Line: 530.885.8461 Ext 3.


For directions to the fields visit the Auburn Youth Soccer Site
For maps to the fields visit the 49er United Soccer Site









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